Mishawaka Theater Showing Movies For PTSD Sufferers

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WOWO): A movie theatre in Northern Indiana will be hosting a special showing on Memorial Day specifically aimed to accommodate individuals that suffer from PTSD. 

Movies 6 in Mishawaka says they got the idea after a woman told them that her husband wanted to see American Sniper in theatres but is unable to do so because of his PTSD–as the dark surroundings and loud noises trigger his disorder. 

General Manager Terra Jackson says from there it was an easy decision to host a sensory-sensitive showing of the movie this coming Monday on Memorial Day. She says that the theatre has hosted sensory-sensitive showings in the past to make it easier for people with autism to enjoy a movie.

 A sensory-sensitive showing means that the lights in the theatre will be dimmed, but not turned off, and the sound will be lowered to a comfortable level. Jackson says she didn‘t expect the announcement to get as much attention as it has, and that the support has been amazing. She notes that a sensory-sensitive showing is easy to do and has a great positive impact on people and the theatre would be happy to continue offering them. 

Movies 6 is located on North Grape Road in Mishawaka. The sensory sensitive showing of American Sniper will happen at 4:30 and tickets cost $1.15. Theatre officials may decide to have additional showings or make other accommodations if enough people express interest.