Midwest Inflation Outpacing Much of United States

(Photo Supplied/Ohio News Service)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Inflation continues to plague the country economically, and its effects are just as hard hitting here in America’s heartland.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its June consumer price index Wednesday, showing a 9.1% increase compared with last year – the highest since November 1981. The Midwest numbers outpaced those nationwide, with a 9.5% increase in inflation. The inflation rate for nondurable goods in the Midwest was 17.4%, compared with 16.2% nationwide.

Grocery prices were up 12.2% nationwide and 14.3% in the Midwest. In June, regional gas prices rose 64.4% and national gas prices were up 59.9% compared to last year. Household energy prices were also up 24.6% in the Midwest and 21.9% nationally. One of the only areas where Midwest prices were lower than those nationwide was in used vehicles. There was a regional 6.3% increase and a 7.1% increase nationally.


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