Meth Bust on City’s North Side

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Two people were arrested after a meth bust on Fort Wayne’s  north side. The Fort Wayne Police  Department Methamphetamine Suppression Team  conducted a four-month-long investigation  into the manufacturing of meth. It  was started after they received a tip on the Drug Hotline.  Detectives Wednesday found  several one-pot meth labs in a trailer on Le Steele Boulevard, which was  condemned afterward. Boyd Combs and Nichole McDonald both face charges. This is the 10th Meth  Lab Investigation of 2014 by the unit.

Boyd Combs is charged with:

1.            Manufacturing  Methamphetamine

2.            Possession  of Methamphetamine

3.            Maintaining a Common Nuisance

4.             Possession  of Paraphernalia

5.            Possession  of Marijuana

6.            Possession of Two (2) or More Precursors

Nichole McDonald is charged with:

1.            Visiting a  Common Nuisance

2.            Possession  of  Paraphernalia