Mayor Tom Henry releases statement about recent crash and OWI arrest

Photo Supplied/City of Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry has released a statement concerning questions surrounding his recent crash and OWI arrest.

On October 9, I publicly apologized to the citizens of Fort Wayne for driving while impaired on October 8. I am responsible for my actions, admitted my guilt in an Allen County court and accept the consequences for my actions. On October 14, members of City Council submitted specific questions about the incident of October 8, my driving history, and other personal matters. The questions were sent to the City Attorney’s office with others, including the local media, receiving a copy. I am fully cooperating with the City Attorney and her staff in authoring a reply. Prior to submitting a formal reply, however, I want to make clear that no taxpayer monies will be spent to repair the vehicle I was driving on October 8. Nor will any taxpayer money be spent to repair the other driver’s vehicle. I am paying for all damages associated with the incident. I have been in communication with the other driver and am working to see that the vehicle is promptly repaired at my cost. As for transportation during my license suspension, I am thankful to family and friends who will transport me to work each day in their personal vehicles. Where it is appropriate, City employees share rides to events or meetings at which two or more are attending. In my current situation, that may occur from time to time while my license is suspended.



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