Mayor Henry Continues Push for City’s Future

FORT WAYNE, Ind (WOWO): Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry is continuing his push to keep Fort Wayne a sustainable and thriving community into the future.

Mayor Henry is a strong advocate for a financial plan for the City that maintains quality of life and builds for success.

“We must pass a financial plan that sustains and builds jobs, businesses, and neighborhoods,” said Mayor Henry. “In recent weeks, I’ve heard from residents, neighborhood leaders, and business owners. They’ve indicated their love for our community and the importance of making investments that will keep Fort Wayne as a City that others emulate.”

After a thorough analysis Mayor Henry says that he believes a compromise offered by Councilman Dr. John Crawford at last week’s City Council meeting is viable, sustainable, and would meet the City’s needs.

Councilman Crawford’s plan is a slight variation of the original financial plan presented to City Council last month.

Councilman Crawford’s plan supports the City’s call for more police officers and firefighters, funding for street and parks improvements without having to borrow money, and property tax relief for homeowners. The one change is a slightly smaller increase in the income tax.

“This has been a collaborative effort as we’ve examined all of the possibilities to develop a sound financial plan for the City,” said Councilman Crawford. “We believe this is a good approach to meet the needs for our community with the absolute minimal tax increase possible.”

“As City Council continues its important deliberations, we recognize the need for compromise,” said Mayor Henry. “We’re at a critical point in time. As leaders, we must have the courage to make the difficult decisions in a bipartisan manner to move our community forward. I’m encouraged that it appears a majority of City Council members recognize the need to invest in our City.”