Mayor Discusses Regional Neighborhood Conference to Be Held In Fort Wayne

Event kicks off Thursday, Sept. 27th at the Grand Wayne Center   


Fort Wayne, Ind. – Mayor Tom Henry today discussed plans for community leaders and neighborhood representatives to convene in Fort Wayne next week for the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC). The conference takes place Sept. 27 to Sept. 29 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center.


An estimated 300 attendees are expected to travel to Fort Wayne to attend the conference; participants will come from a five-state region that includes Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.  The conference is designed for grassroots, corporate, government, foundation, faith-based and non-profit leaders who are dedicated to improving the quality of life in their communities.


“Active, informed neighborhoods play a crucial role in the success of our city,” Mayor Henry said.  “The RNNC offers grassroots leaders in our community the opportunity to obtain training and information needed to reinforce their leadership skills and develop ideas for community improvement.”


The last time Fort Wayne hosted the RNNC was in 2002. The theme of this year’s conference is “Neighborhoods… the fabric of strong communities.” 


Fort Wayne is home to more than 400 neighborhood associations.  Mayor Henry has sought to engage neighborhood leaders and encourage residents to provide input and ideas that will help city government better serve the entire community.


During the conference, local neighborhood leaders will join in discussions on such issues as crime prevention, neighborhood beautification, youth engagement, neighborhood revitalization and more. 


Keynote speakers will be Dan Carmody, executive director of Detroit’s Eastern Market; Dr. Ruby Cain, Ball State University assistant professor and community activist and Myo Myint, former Burma soldier and human rights activist.


Today, Mayor Henry thanked the Urban Enterprise Association for providing the grants that made it possible for a number of Fort Wayne neighborhood leaders to register for this year’s conference.  Mayor Henry also thanked local community leaders who have continued a commitment to represent Fort Wayne by attending the RNNC conference every year and for those who work hard to improve neighborhoods throughout the city.


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