Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz go after Donald Trump in Debate

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HOUSTON (AP): The five Republican presidential candidate have wrapped up their final debate before Super Tuesday, and it was a brawl from the start.

Marco Rubio went hard after Donald Trump, ripping the front-runner’s position on immigration, his privileged background, his speaking style and more.

Ted Cruz piled on, too, questioning Trump’s conservative credentials.

The two-hour-plus debate featured exchanges of insults, with candidates shouting over one another so much that it was hard to follow at times.

Rubio also accused Trump of shifting his position on deportation, hiring people from other countries to take jobs from Americans and being fined for worker violations.

Trump shot back that he’s hired thousands of people, and Rubio has “hired nobody.”

Trump took a more personal tack with Cruz, touting his own ability to get along with others and saying Cruz gets along with nobody.


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