UPDATED: Mandatory mask order to begin in Indiana on Monday

(Supplied/Gov. Eric Holcomb)

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Wednesday that the state will be under a mandatory mask order beginning Monday, July 27.

Holcomb signed an executive order on Friday. You can view the full text here. It is in effect until at least Aug. 26. However, local governments may impose more restrictive guidelines.

Masks or face coverings will be required for anyone 8 or older in public, including public outdoor areas, public transportation and when socially distancing is not possible.

Masks will be mandatory for all students in third grade and above.  This includes faculty, staff, volunteers and others who may be in school for any activity.

The order will have exceptions for medical purposes, exercising and eating and drinking.

Initially, the governor said that not wearing a mask where it is required would be a class B misdemeanor. However, that is no longer the case.

Holcomb says it was expected that cases would increase when the state opened back up.

The governor adds “the simple act of covering our faces, as odd as it may feel, can help us prevent the transmission of the virus.”



  1. It sure is a good thing I can’t get Covid between now and Monday. If masks help so much, why wouldn’t the mandate start today? Most masks offer little to no help to stop the virus. The mandate is a bad idea.

    • I agree. As a retired health care professional the most sensitive to viruses are your eyes. Mask only make us breath in our own CO2. I wore a mask for 1/2 hr and my oxygen saturation was in the 80’s.

  2. Clearly people need a little time to prepare. It will take a little time to see the effects but all you have to do is look at Canada, New Zealand, S. Korea to know it works!

  3. I don’t carry a mask, but I carry a Constitution. I own the right to my health and safety, not the Government.

    • The constitution you worship permitted slavery. Bet you never read it though like most MAGAs. You do not own the right to my health and safety. If you are too selfish or immature to look out for others, stay home and stroke to FOX & Friends. People like you are the reason this virus will be prolonged.

      • We also fought a war that ended slavery, but people like you will ignore any progress made since then because it doesn’t fit your narrative. As for the pandemic, why should your health be my responsibility? Stay home if you’re worried.

      • You can always spot a Fascist Lefty by how they automatically turn to personal attacks/slander and don’t provide substance. Also funny how they go straight to slavery while the discussion is about health and safety…..

        The Constitution you reference abolished slavery, 600k people (mostly White, including President Lincoln) lost their lives to end slavery. The REPUBLICAN party was formed in OPPOSITION to the expansion of slavery. You better do some research into the history of your beloved Democrat party since they were Originally southern White slave owners also forming the KKK…Calvin Coolidge’s inauguration protest, Chicago 1965…so many racist Democrat examples throughout history and you think now their motives are pure now? HAHA

        Also READ the Constitution, the Rights in the Constitution are given to you by your creator NOT the Government. You are correct, I don’t own your to health and safety, you do.

        There’s no mystery to this virus. 50% feel NO symptoms, 99.98% of people fully recover (not far off the FLU). Everyone knows their own health and IF they need to be cautious. THEY can wear the mask.

        Fascists like you are the reason Freedom in this Country is going away.

        Politics is the reason this virus is prolonged. Want Proof, the Florida virus reporting is a perfect example.

        But FACTS don’t matter to people like you

    • You are now challenging MY health as a healthy 80%er. Making me wear a mask all day now is putting MY health at risk. Read the data… oxygen levels drop, immune system adjusts putting me at risk. How dare you make this decision for me. If I accept that risk why can’t you? You say we have to wear them, but there will be no “mask police”… I DONT BELIVE YOU. If you really mean that then make it optional. You have opened the door for all these “Karen’s” out there to be in my business and take away my freedoms. I believe in herd immunity, which will protect the more vulnerable, why would you take this right away from me? This is my belief… my constitution is suppose to protect me from this. Those who are vulnerable need to stay home. Their families are responsible for protecting them NOT ME. You can’t take my freedom when it is a fact that this small virus is not filtered in the masks people are wearing. That is a FACT. I protect the vulnerable in my family and take any needed precautions. If someone is vulnerable… stay home. Don’t make me.

      • Very well put. I’m also going to look into the state’s ability to enforce the face mask policy. It’s about time the law-abiding citizens fight back (peacefully and lawfully) on the nonsense going on in the country, and unfortunately our own state. I am waiting for the law to be stricken down on this mandate, that it is not constitutional. Everyone should have the right to take care of their own health, and if you are of the small percentage who fear for your health, then by all means stay home.

        Hey Holcomb, thanks for following the other blind and spineless sheep! Just wait, the real facts will come out surrounding this new virus, and then the uninformed and willfully ignorant will be surprised when months from now we find out that it is no more dangerous than the flu viruses we are already aware of.

        Is there a death toll with the common flu? Yes.
        Is there a death toll with Covid-19? Yes.
        Will there be any signficant difference between them? No.

        The real numbers are constantly being changed and made to fit the narrative each day. The reporting has been falsified over and OVER again. Florida’s purposely false counting is just the most recent. People who die of an unrelated complication are constantly being labeled “Covid-19 deaths” if they ever had the virus or have the antibody anywhere in their system! The death toll is completely absurd!

        Wake up Holcomb! And wake up Hoosiers. Watch other media sources other than MSNBC, CNN, and yes, even Fox News. All three are spinning the same narrative: “panic!” Get your facts, not your feelings, from news sources that don’t falsify information for an agenda. Young people love to use the term “Woke”, but this country has never been more asleep in its life.

  4. So, what stage of the “Back on Track” plan does this bring us to? And when will this order expire, or on what grounds? Assuming this action bridges us to the miracle vaccine, what percentage of our population will have to get it before the herd is immune? To be safe, we better mandate the vaccine as well, safety and effectiveness studies be damned. And while we’re mandating things…

    Or am I thinking about this all the wrong way because “it’s just a mask” and I’m not being loving toward others? Wake up people.

  5. If we wear our masks and be good sheep, we can slow the spread and not overwhelm the hospitals. We won’t want our medical professionals to be too busy to make their tik tok videos.

  6. Well there goes our great state of Indiana. And everyone was saying what a great job Indiana and Governor Holcomb were doing! Absolutely disgusted with this decision. Apparently being responsible Hoosiers earns us less freedoms. So what now? We just follow the flock?

  7. Where does it say that masks lower the amount of Chinese virus cases.. If you want to slow it close St Joe, Lake,Marion and Hamilton and leave the resr of us alone. If we have to wear a mask, give us one that actually works!!!!

  8. This Republican joke of a governor is not any different than your typical constitution hating Democrat.

    Look at me. I care. I am doing something. Does it make any sense? No, but the sheep won’t be able to say I didn’t do something.

  9. The Republicans that we keep voting for put us in this mess. They run Indiana government and most towns. I will continue to vote for them because they are not Democrats and I am content with the status quo. I am a typical Hoosier and I am a moron. Thanks for being like me everyone!

    • The Democrats people vote for allow unrestricted violence to continue in their States/Cities and send Senior Citizens in retirement homes to their death bed (such as in New York). Their policies result in much more sickness and death than anywhere else, but have the media to push blame to Republicans. They run blue States and nearly ALL Cities in the US.

      I will continue to vote for them because I am a subordinate little sheep to pop culture with no desire to think for myself. I learned nothing in College because the College I attended never thought me to think for myself. I have no idea of the Democrat Party I support or their history of Racism because history is no longer taught, I just support them because the smart people in Hollywood support them. I am a typical racist-facist Democrat pushing BS like White Privilege and I am a moron. Thanks pop culture for being like me.

        • I’d rather vote Republican and face the chance of a RINO, than vote in favor of a Constitution-hating, bleeding-heart Democrat any day.

          @Rocky — thanks for promoting actual facts instead of feelings. I’ve had enough of the bleeding heart liberal arguments. Ex: “white people are all racists and privileged!”, “the Constitution = slavery!”, “government should take care of me!”, “while peacefully protesting, pillage and burn everything around you!”. Basicically, do what feels good.

      • The ignorance and sanctimony of liberals just continues to shock and amaze me. Are you STILL drinking the Kool-Aid? Old saying: Takes a moron to know a moron. You obviously qualify.

  10. I have been wearing this disposable mask for a few hours now and it is starting to get a little soggy. It’s working really well and its chock full of virus, either due to the virus I am symptomatically exhaling, or the virus floating around out there lying in wait to attack me. Now that I am ready to dispose of it, do I need to slip it into a Ziploc™ bag and mark it Bio-hazard, or can I simply toss it in to the bin overflowing with paper towels in the men’s room?

  11. With the mask mandate in place for the state, grocery stores, airlines, etc, what will be the excuse in 2-3 weeks when we don’t see a decline in cases? What will be the new mandate that doesn’t help? Another shut down? Double secret probation masks? I’m sure the Dims and our knee-jerk governor will come up with something stupid.

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