Man Found Nearly Four Times Above Legal BAC Level

LAGRANGE, Ind. (WOWO): Police tracked a man after calls of reckless driving but instead booked him on drunk driving.

The LaGrange County Sheriff's Department got a call of a red Ford F-150 traveling south on State Road 9, in the area of 400 North. They later found the truck in the parking lot of Parkview LaGrange Hospital on Townline Road. When they found the driver, he appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

Steven Oldenburg was given a Field Sobriety Test and a Certified Chemical Blood Test. They found he had a Blood Alcohol Level of .31 BAC, nearly four times the legal limit. He was arrested and booked in the LaGrange County Jail for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, a Class A Misdemeanor, and Reckless Driving, a Class B Misdemeanor.