Man facing multiple child molestation charges avoids jail time completely

Fort Wayne, IN (WOWO): A Fort Wayne man who was facing 13 counts related to ongoing child sexual abuse will not be getting any jail time after entering into a plea agreement, according to our Partners in News at ABC-21.

Steven Wells took a plea deal after admitting that he had sex with a 14 year old girl, and that he sexually abused another 13 year old girl with the mental capacity of a 7 year old. The abuse happened over the course of five years and dated back to 2012. Under the deal, all but two counts of sex with a minor was dismissed. Wells was sentenced by a judge to two consecutive three year sentences which were suspended, followed by four years of probation. He was ordered to have no future contact with the victims and was released on his own recognizance following today’s hearing.


  1. Hey WOWO, don’t you think it appropriate to include the names of the Judge and Prosecutor? Wouldn’t you say that information is important to the story? This deviant gets to plea and gets no jail time? Are you kidding me? Bottom of the barrel reporting…

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