Man charged for attempting to cash cop’s check

MUNCIE, Ind. (Network Indiana): Muncie police say you shouldn’t keep things that aren’t yours — even if it’s a check you found on the ground.

Sonny Anderson admitted to police that he tried to cash a check made out to someone else, but insisted doing so was legal because he “found it on the ground.”

Anderson, 33, took a check for $500 to a Muncie bank on Saturday. He was arrested after trying to cash the check, reports The Star Press newspaper.

Police said the check was written by a Muncie police officer and made out to a home loan company.

Anderson insisted he found the check on the ground and told an officer he was “entitled to anything he found in public, checks included.”

Investigators believe he took the check from the officer’s mailbox, added his name to it, and endorsed the back in an attempt to collect the money.

Anderson was being held in the Delaware Co. Jail on Monday on a charge of forgery


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