Man arrested after explosive device found in Muncie

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP): A Muncie man faces preliminary charges for allegedly making and planting an explosive device that led police to evacuate part of the city’s downtown.

Thirty-three-year-old Lionel Ray Mackey Jr. was arrested Thursday, hours after a local bomb squad destroyed a package containing two devices resembling PVC pipe bombs. No injuries were reported.

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The Star Press reports the package was left at a woman’s home and investigators believe Mackey’s alleged actions were motivated by a longstanding domestic issue.

The Muncie man faces preliminary charges that include placing an explosive device, manufacturing a destructive device and attempted aggravated battery.

Mackey was arrested in April 2013 after he allegedly threatened to blow up a Muncie woman’s mobile home. That woman had a month earlier obtained a restraining order against him.


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