Longtime Head of Indiana Farm Bureau Retiring

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): The president of Indiana Farm Bureau is retiring after 14 years.

Don Villwock will turn 65 this year, and says with things going well, it‘s a good time to let someone bring in new ideas. 

Villwock says the issues facing the Farm Bureau have shifted over his 14 years, with the advent of social media, the rise of the locally-grown food movement, and new urban-rural tensions. Villwock says a migration of city dwellers to the countryside has brought complaints about the smell of livestock feeding operations to the forefront. 

Other issues remain the same. The Farm Bureau continues to press for further property tax reform, and challenge what it views as excessive environmental regulation by the federal government. The Farm Bureau president also serves as president of Farm Bureau Insurance, though the insurance arm has its own C-E-O. 

Farm Bureau members will elect a successor at their annual meeting in November, two weeks after Indiana‘s city and town elections.