Lockdown in Wells County Resolved


Northern Wells Superintendent Dr. Scott Mills says the situation has resolved itself, the suspect was actually a young man who went squirrel hunting and was carrying a .22 caliber rifle to his car which was parked near the school. He says the lock downs will be lifted after lunch.



OSSIAN, Ind. (WOWO): Ossian Elementary School is currently on a lock down after a suspicious man walking on State Road 1 toward the school prompted police notification.

Northern Wells Community Schools' Superintendent Dr. Scott Mills says that without knowing the extent of the threat, the other schools in Northern Wells went into a precautionary lock down, which means “business as usual,” with extra police at the schools.

The schools are still in precautionary lock down, but Dr. Mills expects the lock down to be lifted in “the near future.” Dr. Mills says they do not believe the threat was credible.

 He says they will send a letter to parents of Ossian Elementary students and will speak with each classroom to help students understand the situation.