Local hospital nurse charged with stealing drugs

"Stethoscope" by Jasleen_kaur, some rights reserved

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A nurse who was caught stealing fentanyl while on the job is facing drug-related charges.

41-year-old Matthew Clem of Woodburn was working at St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Fort Wayne when he was caught this past January in an investigation into missing medication that started last April after the hospital’s automated dispensing system recorded him taking medication from it, which he claimed at the time was requested verbally by two doctors, who both denied it.

According to the Journal Gazette, Clem displayed strange behavior and appeared sickly at times over the following days.

Clem denied stealing medication repeatedly, but in January he finally admitted to hospital investigators that he had injected himself with Fentanyl while on shift.

His charges include two counts of possession of a controlled substance by subterfuge and two counts of failure to make, keep, or furnish controlled substance records. A warrant has been issued.



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