Local Food Bank Switches to Quality, Not Quantity

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County provided more than 1.5 million meals for the homeless and hungry last year. This year, they hope to do the same.
According to the Journal Gazette, the organization, along with Community Harvest Food Bank is shifting their focus on the quality of food instead of the quantity.

In 2013, Community Harvest distributed nearly 13 million pounds of food that consisted of all kinds of donations, including potato chips, desserts, and soda. During the holidays, the food bank says they've updated their list of suggested items to donate, that put a healthier spin on the holidays. (www.communityharvest.org).

Both fresh produce and canned goods are preferred items. Steve Corona with Community Harvest says green veggies are ideal, including green beans, peas, and spinach. Canned goods with low sodium also make way for healthier choices.