Local business, Health Dept. at odds over mask order

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WELLS COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): One local business owner is taking a firm stand against Indiana’s face mask mandate.

Governor Holcomb issued a mandate that Hoosiers wear face coverings while in public indoor spaces in an effort to slow down a rising number of COVID-19 cases; but Bobbie Shane, owner of Field of Grace Floral Boutique in Bluffton, tells our Partners in News at ABC 21 she’s against it, and her business is now offering free food and drinks as a way to get around it.

“If you want to wear a mask in here, we’re absolutely fine with that,” Shane says. “But people have said from the beginning, ‘thank you for making us feel normal when we walk in here.”

The Wells County Health Department says they’re now looking into it and the business could face penalties, but Shane says she won’t back down.

“Even though it’s uncomfortable, even though we don’t like it, I don’t particularly care for it myself, but if it’s going to put this country back up and running then that’s what I want to do,” says Wells County Health Dept. Deputy Administrator Marlene Hoag.


  1. Not all masks are “effective” but they all send the same message. We are in this together and need to do everything me can even when it does not work but does put on a good show of solidarity. Social distancing is the only activity that is always effective however it even generates questions like is 6 feet enough. However if you add a ” good” mask you can make your efforts even better. There have recently been a few scientific studies on masks that are helpful and posted on the internet. It is worth the time to look them over. We as a society can not afford to go back into a lockdown. The financial, emotional and societal costs are too great even when weighed against a possible increase in deaths. We must therefore do all we can to keep that from happening. Wear a mask everyone!!!!

  2. You should post this in every available comment section Rocky. And I thought WOWO was a neutral forum. Shame on you!

      • I do like how all my comments have now been scrubbed from wowo articles.

        Looking into it? Just ask any elementary school teacher for their lesson plans.

        All of that should be made public anyways since children are our future and FWCS is public. Parents need to be informed as to what these people are teaching kids.

  3. Shawn in Van Wert i’m reading this on wowo and not sure if every piece of news can be spoken and some might have to be in print form like this. i am glad that we all at least seen this and myself support any bushiness that wants to operate how they wish. as far as wowo goes i’m glad you posted this in the news feed

  4. Yep becoming like Fox news. Hired Paul Ryan, globalist Trump hater on board of directors. Wonder who has joined wowo board of directors over recent years.

  5. People are dying if wearing a mask prevents that, let’s do it.
    Do you like killing my mother, because that is what you are willing to do here.
    Such a shame people are too selfish to do the simplest of sacrifices for the good of all. It is not government overreach, we’re in a PANDEMIC! I’m glad I dont wanna kill your mother, try not killing mine please


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