List: banks and credit unions offering financial assistance for shutdown-impacted workers

Original Photo: "Congress" by EFF Photos, some rights reserved

As the partial government shutdown enters its 34th day, WOWO News has compiled this list of organizations offering financial support for workers that have been impacted. This list is not comprehensive and may not include every financial institution offering assistance:

Alpine Bank in Colorado (0% interest loans)
Ally Financial (refunding certain fees)
Bank of America (offering custom financial plans)
Chase (0% interest loans)
Congressional Federal Credit Union (offering a relief line of credit)
Credit Union National Association (0% interest loans)
Discover (allowing workers to skip a payment or reverse fees)
FedChoice Credit Union (0% interest loans)
Huntington Bank (low rate on loans)
Justice Federal Credit Union (0% interest loans)
Launch Federal Credit Union (0% interest loans)
Navy Federal Credit Union (0% interest loans)
Provident Bank in New Jersey (0% interest loans)
Union Savings Bank in Connecticut (0% interest loans)
USAA (special loans and other assistance)
US Bank (low rate loans)
US Employees Credit Union (0% interest loans)
Veridian Credit Union (0% interest loans)
Wells Fargo (offering custom financial plans)

1st Source Bank (offering custom financial plans)
Old National Bank (0% interest loans)

In all cases, workers will need to submit a government ID in order to receive benefits. Check with your bank as offers and terms may change.


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