The life of campaign workers, and the passion that they all have with Karen Francisco

Karen Francisco i the Editorial Page Editor for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and in this week’s Sunday Perspective cover, Karen went with a photographer this past week to each of the presidential candidate headquarters to talk to a volunteer. They have profiles of supporters for Clinton, Cruz, Sanders and Trump — each of whom was great fun to meet and talk with according to Karen. They all are passionate and excited about the upcoming primaries. They will also have video interviews posted online on Sunday. The editorial is a recap of the endorsements tehy have made, the Todd Young endorsement being the one they heard the most about.

Karen also talked about a column they have in Friday’s paper from a vice president at IU, responding to faculty concerns at IPFW. It’s created quite a buzz on campus. John Applegate writes that IU won’t participate in any more discussions about governance at IPFW, as discussions have gone on for years and that it’s time to implement changes.


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