Levee Failure in Vigo County Leaves Homes Stranded

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) _ A levee failure in western Indiana has left about 10 homes surrounded by water, but residents were able to encircle a low-lying farmhouse with sandbags before it was inundated.
  Vigo County Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director J.D. Kesler says the levee failed on the southern end of the county Wednesday. He says authorities are trying to determine whether a second failure occurred.
  Residents of Dresser, across the Wabash River from Terre Haute, were hoping sandbags would hold back floodwaters that flowed over a levee on Monday and caused a dike to fail. Kesler says about three-quarters of the two dozen homes in the community had some water damage.
  Another two dozen homes west of Prairieton remained surrounded by water Wednesday, but none were damaged.