Let Me Explain Ep. 7 – Smart Guys Make Waves

There are a lot of people smarter than me (ask my wife).  There’s two that join the podcast this week to discuss the major breakthrough in science.

Mark Masters, Chair and Professor of Physics at IPFW in Fort Wayne and also Steve Gillam, Assistant Professor of Physics at IPFW prove to me they have a Ph.D. in smarts.  Both helped me understand the complexity of gravitational waves, and some of the issues surrounding them.

As part of a series at IPFW, they’ll be hosting an open forum called LIGO & Gravitational Waves on Friday, March 18th.  The event is in Kettler Hall 132 starting at 7:30 p.m. and will feature much of what you heard in this podcast.
I like my chips rippled, but as Mark and Steve explained it’s not the same thing.  We talked about the machines used to discover these waves, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the breakthrough in physics, the speed of the new wave, folding the universe and if they believe in aliens.
It makes me wonder if these new waves can be used as a way to communicate.  Right now that’s not the case, but if we’re going to be actively monitoring signs of waves crossing through our planet, what if we find a pattern to the waves?  Though it’s not the same way we now understand communication, I for one am looking forward to the science fiction book that will be written under that premise.
A big thank you to Mark Masters and Steve Gillam for their insight into this very exciting discovery.


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