Let Me Explain episode 23: ACLU got something right

I don’t often side with the ACLU, but they doing good work arguing the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  You’re probably a felon and don’t even know it.  There’s certain cyber laws that are written so broadly that everyone is guilty… if the government wants you to be guilty.


Have you ever tried to park downtown… only to return to your car and find a ticket on the windshield?  There’s a new website that uses bots to help fight tickets.  Good news is they’re beating the system.

We also look at the idea that aliens will be friendly… but given the evidence (human nature), I can safely say an encounter would not go well.  But would they really dominate us like the movie Independence Day?

AND some exciting news from Mars.  We have evidence of a rich oxygen filled atmosphere.  There’s no signs of life, but we’re learning more and more from our robot friend.

All of this and more — make sure to reach out to the show on Twitter  @RyanWrecker  @LetMeExplainPod



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