Let Me Explain episode 22: SETI is listening

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being spied on?  Maybe there’s aliens 40 light years away that have been listening to us all along.  And just maybe we’ll start to listen back.  But you know how I feel about aliens… they don’t exist so… yeah.


We also get a follow up on Juno, the probe that’s about to orbit Jupiter.  It’s about to get so close to the planet that you won’t know what to do with yourself.  What will we learn, and what will the little Lego characters learn?

PLUS we look at a follow up to Net Neutrality.  The White House is now telling the GOP to back off… and they need to listen.

How long before we’re all solar powered?  With the advancement in the technology, we may find ourselves more and more closer to installing panels everywhere in a mere 15 years.  But right now it’s just not cost effective.

AND good news if you’re not pretty.

Let me know what you want me to talk about in the future — and let’s connect on Twitter: @RyanWrecker  and @LetMeExplainPod


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