Let Me Explain episode 20: space pizza to Mars

Will Domino’s deliver in space?  No, they won’t.  But they will let you phantom order a pizza and send it your way without even making a call.  They might even send a robot to deliver it to you.  If only they can find a way to get it to Mars.  I hear we’ll have people there soon.


Speaking of Mars… will having 3D printing help make space travel more possible?  In space, nobody can hear you scream.  They’ll also scream as the 3D printer takes a day to create a small part.

And if we’re going to start to populate Mars, we need to figure out it’s weather patterns.  There’s a lot of dust storms that roll across the surface of the rusty planet, and if we’re ever going to live on there, we need to be able to predict the storms for our own safety.  AND if the job of space meteorologist is still open, please accept my resume.

The New York Times ran a piece about alien life at some point existing.   They say the number of confirmed exoplanets fit into the Drake equation, and if you have your pocket calculators handy… you’ll see it is very possible that trillions of civilizations have at one point existed.

PLUS a report says Google is watching you sleep manipulating search results to favor certain political candidates.  However they say there’s no man behind the curtain.

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