Let Me Explain episode 19: real life super villain

Do real life super villains exist?  He doesn’t have super powers, but he does have a lot of money and wants to nuke Mars.  His name is Elon Musk.

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If you’re not familiar with Elon, we’ll look over his history and how he worked his way to the top of the tech industry.

A few things to point out is that in 2015 he suggested we should nuke Mars (the planet not the candy in a microwave) in order to help build up a the average temperature on the planet.  It’s a bold suggestion, but does he have the resources to make it happen?

He has the money, he as the government contracts, and I’m guessing he has the evil lair where he develops weapons.

He also thinks we live in a computer simulation.

And he wants to travel in space.  Nothing strange about that, just wanted to mention it.

So who is Elon Musk?  Find out in this podcast.  You can react on Twitter — @RyanWrecker and also @LetMeExplainPod 


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