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You’ll go blind if you stare at the sun… unless scientists tell you it’s OK.  In that case, go ahead and stare away!  (disclaimer: don’t be dumb and stare at the sun without the proper protections).

I feel like I don’t actually need that disclaimer, but it’s never a bad idea.  In this podcast we look at how NASA has posted real time images of Mercury passing across the sun.  For all you sun “watch paint dry” enthusiasts this was a great day.

Actually… I might be downplaying this.  It only happens about 13 times every 1,000 years.  Check it out:

Did you know that you can win all kinds of money piggy backing on the smarts of Einstein?  Scientists will share $3 million for detecting gravitational waves.

Also… a new research paper titled, “A New Empirical Constraint on the Prevalence of Technological Species in the Universe” says thousands of former civilizations could have existed.  First, I don’t believe it… and second… couldn’t you have come up with an easier name to remember?

Scientists now set their sights on 3 planets around a tiny, cold star in hopes to find some alien life.  They say it’s easier for us to observe with a smaller star, as a large star drowns out a lot of what we can observe.

AND you might have a mental disorder and not even know it.  There’s a report that 50% of teens are addicted to their phones.  I for one prefer not to communicate with people if I don’t have to.

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