Let Me Explain episode 12 – Pragmatic aliens

Call me Mr. Pragmatic.

In this episode we look at the mystery of the Wow! signal some 40 years after astronomer Jerry Ehman discovered it in 1977.  Could we be just a few years away from confirming or denying one theory of it’s origin?  One scientist thinks so, and he’s will to put up your money to solve the puzzle.

Stephen Hawking doesn’t think we’ll find aliens any time soon.  Mainly because aliens don’t exist.  But it won’t stop him from planning a fly-by of Alpha Centauri thanks to a Russian financial backer.  The idea is to create dozens of giant lasers on Earth to point at a sail-like probe, propelling the fragile device across the universe to our friendly neighbor in space.  Will it work?  Who knows… but who cares.  We’re going to build our own Death Star lasers!  If these satellites can push a solar sail in space, can we blow up the moon if we’re bored?

I also look at self driving cars, and why you’ll never find me in one.  I’m not letting you put me in a hackers dream.

There’s also no way to defend my fellow millennials when it comes to listening to voicemail.  NPR says we can’t be bothered to listen to take the time to hear a message that someone left us.  It might be a combination of laziness and more laziness.

All of this and more in this weeks episode of Let Me Explain.  Follow me on Twitter @RyanWrecker and @LetMeExplainPod

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