Let Me Explain episode 10: lasers that hide us from aliens

I can’t believe we’re already at episode 10 of the podcast.  Thank you for all your support!

This week we look at the shady Oculus Rift Terms of Service practices from Gizmodo.  It looks like Facebook is going to track your every move on this device and also claim they own whatever you create with it.

CORRECTION to the podcast — Google engineer Benson Leung reviews bad USB cables on Amazon until the eventually forced them to be banned for posting too many bad reviews.  This could have been a great public service moment for Amazon, so why did it take so long to do the right thing?

We also look at a great article from Kevin Burke regarding the TSA Randomizer iPad app.  As it turns out, our wonderful U.S. government spent a ton of money on creating an app that any high school student can program.  It doesn’t surprise me one bit.

In space news, SETI has their ears tuned to new red dwarfs as they search for new life.  Plus we’re now capable of using lasers to hide from aliens.  I for one welcome that.

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