Leaders Break Ground for Ash Brokerage, Hanning and Bean Project

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Thursday afternoon Mayor Tom Henry, along with several other community leaders, officials and neighborhood advocates were apart of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Ash Brokerage Corporation and Hanning & Bean Enterprises development.

The ceremony commemorates the beginning stages of construction. Officials from Ash Brokerage announced its new building will be known as “Ash Skyline Plaza.” The Hanning and Bean housing component will be know as “Skyline Terrace.”

There will be a new headquarters for Ash Brokerage, a residential area, retail space, and a parking garage.

Projected construction schedule:

*June – Site preparation work 

*August – Work begins on the parking garage

*February 2015 – Work begins on the Ash tower

*May 2015 – Work begins on the Hanning & Bean tower

*December 2015 – Substantial completion of the parking garage

*March 2016 – Substantial completion of the Ash tower

*October/November 2016 – Substantial completion of the Hanning & Bean tower