Lawsuit Says Mourdock Gave Chief Deputy 3-year Contract

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): A lawsuit claims former state Treasurer Richard Mourdock gave his chief deputy a three-year, $300,000 contract before he resigned from office last year.
The former deputy, Jim Holden, is suing current state Treasurer Kelly Mitchell in Marion County Superior Court, alleging Mitchell fired him upon taking office. 
Holden alleges that in the final months of Mourdock's term, Mourdock gave Holden a three-year, $300,000 contract as counsel for the Indiana Board for Depositories, which the treasurer's office oversees.
Both Holden and Mitchell say in court documents that Mitchell told Holden the contract violated Indiana's conflict of interest laws.
Holden contends he had no official responsibilities with the Board for Depositories and is asking a judge to enforce the contract.