Lawmakers trying to ease blocking of railroad crossings

"Crossing" by amyn-design, CC BY 2.0

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WOWO): It’s happened to all of us: a train stops on the tracks, in the middle of a railroad crossing, and just sits there, blocking traffic. In one case in New Haven earlier this month, a train blocked a crossing for six hours.

State Representative Dave Heine tells WOWO News it’s an ongoing problem that’s getting out of hand, thanks to a 2018 Indiana Supreme Court ruling that blocked local governments from fining railroad companies for such problems:

“The Federal Railroad Association has jurisdiction over this. We have been meeting with them, we’ve been meeting with Norfolk Southern, and we’ve got their ear. They are in the process of making some solutions for us.”

If you encounter a train stopped in the middle of a crossing, call in a complaint at 260-493-5300 or 800-667-3655.


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