Lawmakers to Review Re-Districting Process

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The Senate election committee has voted to pass along HB 1003, which would create a study committee to look into the possibility of changing how the state goes about its redistricting process.
The measure has already passed through the house. The bill specifically mentions the possibility of developing an independent committee to decide how the state should redistrict.

Bill author House Speaker Brian Bosma told the committee he has taken part in 4 different state redistricting periods and thinks the idea of an independent committee is worth exploring. Bosma says was crafted so as to avoid giving any political party and advantage over the other. There are lawsuits going on in other states that use such committee‘s and state lawmakers say they are watching those closely.

Also at issue is whether using an independent redistricting committee would require alterations to the state constitution, what requirements should be for people on such a committee, and whether or not it will make any difference in voter turnout.

The committee voted 8-2 to pass the measure along. A similar bill got bogged down in committee earlier this session.