Large group protests in Fort Wayne

"Women's March on Washington" by Mobilus in Mobili, some rights reserved

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The same day nearly 2,000 turned out for an annual pro-life demonstration in downtown Fort Wayne, about a thousand people participated in a nationwide effort to promote women’s rights, including pro-choice beliefs and Planned Parenthood.

The Journal Gazette reports the demonstration, held Saturday on the Allen County Courthouse Square, was one of 600 Women’s March events held throughout the country. The events also served as a protest against President Donald Trump, who has called for funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, and whose controversial comments about women was a common talking point during his campaign.

Those at the rally also spoke out in favor of the Affordable Care Act and immigrant rights. Thousands, including a long list of celebrities, participated in the effort nationwide.


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