Kruse survives COVID-prompted ICU stint, still opposes vaccine

Photo Supplied/Dennis Kruse

AUBURN, Ind. (WOWO): An area lawmaker who spent ten days in intensive care due to COVID-19 and says he “probably would have died” if he waited any longer before going to a hospital is still firm on his opposition to the coronavirus vaccines.

Republican Senator Dennis Kruse of Auburn tells the Journal Gazette he won’t get the vaccine, doesn’t think it’s necessary, and added that he believes in “natural herd immunity,” and that people should let it “take its course and move on.”

More than 15,000 Hoosiers have died from COVID-19 since March 2020. The State Department of Health says that the vast majority of both hospitalizations and deaths are happening in the unvaccinated.

The 75-year-old Kruse says his wife, who recently underwent treatment for bone cancer complications, also tested positive but had no symptoms.

Kruse says he plans to file a bill limiting employer vaccine mandates next session.


  1. …and now Rep Kruse is better protected from additional infection than if he get the “vaccine”, and he won’t even need a booster every 6 months.

    On Tuesday this week, even Pfizer scientists were on video saying “Pfizer vaccine is useless when people have natural antibodies”…

    Don’t take the shot if you already recovered from the virus.

  2. 15,000 deaths is not accurate. Even if it were, do the math also keep in mind those 15,000 deaths are year & 1/2 totals. #Convirus

  3. OMG, I so totally agree. I mean, why not get the vax. its so risk free and totally kills the virus 100%. you can go live your normal life, no masks or social distancing. Like everybody’s doing it, like we are in a big club. my bestie Joy Behar went and got it together. Now all the unvaxed people are dying everywhere, right?. I thought I saw on CNN that something like 350 million unvaxed around the Country has died or something. Or maybe it was Biden that said that, I can’t remember. But wow! thats alot of people. you know? not getting the vax is fascist, right? or maybe racist but whatever. But Dr. Fauci said to get the vax no matter what because its Science!! ~Best~


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