Kosciusko County police are investigating how a Warsaw man got 2nd and 3rd degree burns…

Deputies got a call to a Kosciusko Community Hospital around 9:00 a.m. today by hospital workers saying they had a burn victim. 

Deputies arrived and spoke with the victim, identified as Toby Jackson, 31, of Warsaw.

He told officers that he had been trying to burn trash when the fire exploded back to the gas can he was using and then on-to-him. He then stated that he was at a residence somewhere on Backwater Road near North Webster, and that he eventually was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital by his mother. 

Jackson is suffering from 2nd degree burns to his arms and neck, along with 3rd degree burns to his hands; however, deputies attempted to locate the original scene of the fire, but were unsuccessful after checking several different locations.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Deputies stated that the investigation is still going on at this time into the circumstances and location of the incident.