Kennel gets expansion despite opposition

(Photo Supplied/Indiana News Service)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A kennel and dog-grooming business that’s been operating without proper zoning approvals for three years will not only get to keep running, but quadruple in the number of animals they can house.

The Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals voted to allow Von Aries Kennels to expand an additional 4,550 square feet to house up to 48 dogs on a 3-1 vote Wednesday.

The Journal Gazette reports that the owners, Brad and Laurie Binz, testified that they didn’t know they needed approvals to operate the kennel when they bought the eight acres of agriculturally zoned land back in 2014, and that they only found out recently when they sought a permit for the expansion.

Their neighbors aren’t thrilled; an attorney representing them says the barking that comes from the kennel, which is currently set up for about a dozen dogs, is causing “neighborhood disruptions.” Three other neighbors also testified hearing the dogs.

The board did set some conditions on the expansion, however, including a stipulation that the dogs shouldn’t bark for more than 15 continuous minutes or sporadically for more than 20 minutes in an hour, as well as providing the board a status update in one year.


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