Kate’s Kart presents landmark book to patient

Krista & Andrew Layman - Founders of Kate's Kart/Heather Starr -WOWO News

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Kate’s Kart presented its 250,000th book to a patient today at Parkview Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

Donna Fett /Heather Starr – WOWO News

The book is a milestone for the organization.  The patient receiving the book was 15-year-old Donna Fett.  When Donna was asked about what she thought about receiving book number 250,000 from Kate’s Kart, she said “I thought, awesome! That’s neat!” Donna talked about how she likes to read and that it helps her get through her time in the hospital.

Kate’s Kart was founded in 2008 by Krista and Andrew Layman in memory of their daughter.  The organization is non-profit and provides free books to children while they are hospitalized. Kate’s Kart now has 30 carts located in 20 hospitals across northeast Indiana and gives out an average of 3,500 new books every month.

Krista Layman said it’s overwhelming knowing “our little precious girl has made a significant impact in other families that are going through hard times, that are spending long days in the hospital.”

Donna picking out her book/Heather Starr WOWO News

Krista also talked about how the very first book that they gave away, went to a 2-year-old boy named Colton.  She mentioned that Colton just recently sent them a picture of him holding the book that they gave him.  Krista says “He’s 12 and he still has his book, even though it’s a book for a toddler.  So the impact, the difference a simple book can make for a child in the hospital is overwhelming.”


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