Kasich Nixes Union Option for Ohio Care Workers

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP): Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich has rescinded a pair of directives issued by his predecessor that allowed independent home health care and child-care workers doing business with the state to unionize.
In an executive order signed Friday, Kasich says a main benefit of unionization was health insurance coverage, which is now widely available elsewhere. He's rescinding orders signed by then-Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, for home health care workers in 2007 and for child-care workers in 2008.
Union contracts for the two groups expire June 30. 
Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols says the argument that independent, self-employed contractors are government workers “has always been on shaky ground.''
Strickland had argued unionization would also help workers address work-related grievances and give the state a hand in assuring quality of care.