John Gregg campaigns in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Indiana Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg made a stop at Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne Saturday afternoon to meet with volunteers about to canvass their neighborhoods on behalf of his campaign.

Gregg tells WOWO News he thinks it’s very important to get support from independents and moderate Republicans in his battle against Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb.

“I’m stressing my background as the only candidate for Governor who’s made a payroll,” Gregg says. “I’ve been a small businessman… I’ve worked with two Fortune 500 companies, and I understand business. I’m running for ‘CEO of the State of Indiana.’ We’ve got a 35-point economic plan that talks about more skilled jobs.”

Gregg also took an opportunity to slam the Pence administration’s handling of the controversial RFRA law last year.

“We need to let them know it’s time to end this focus on social issues and showing discrimination against the LGBT community if we’re going to attract millennials and keep our young adults in Indiana. We’ve got to be a state that welcomes all. The current administration has caused a lot of embarrassment and given us a reputation we don’t want.”

When asked if Holcomb’s move to replace Mike Pence on the November ballot changes his strategy, Gregg says his campaign was “never against Pence, it’s a campaign on visions, leadership, and ideals.”


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