1. The interviews about vaccine injury were outstanding!!!!!!! Please please please continue this fight for awareness long after this week is over!!!! Kudos for taking this on!

  2. “The Plague” by Judy Mikovitz explains XMRV (mouse retrovirus in vaccines). Nagalase and glyphosate are other dangerous contaminants. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was recovering children. Rest in Peace Dr. Bradstreet.

  3. John C. I talked to Dr Mikovits moments before this interview and told her I wanted to at least mention the retroviruses. It’s a really in depth topic that couldn’t be covered in this short time frame. I was able to at least mention her name and the subject. I hope folks take the time to look it up and thanks for mentioning it! It’s so important when it comes to vaccines and it’s rarely discussed.


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