J.B. Handley

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  1. Thanks for taking on this topic. The general public does not understand how bad the vaccine safety testing is.
    1. Aluminum which is in most if a not all vaccines has never been tested for safety
    2. The combination shots MMR, DtAp etc have not been tested for safety(once the shots are combined that is)
    3. The CDC Schedule was not and is not tested for safety when new shots are added to the schedule
    4. I have yet to find anyone who can defend the Heb B shot given on the first day of life to babies

  2. I agree with Jeanmarie. We need more journalists like Pat that are brave enough and willing to speak truth in order to help save children, and their parents from a life full of pain and suffering. Good job Pat….and thank you, J.B.!

  3. J.B Handley, Love you for everything you do, BUT vaccines are not the answer to health.
    NATURAL IMMUNITY is the answer, it works and lasts a lifetime.
    Polio is a man-made disease. When one does the research and learns the history of
    polio it becomes very clear as to the cause of infantile paralysis.
    Forrest Maready (The Moth in the Iron Lung) and Dr. Suzanne Humphries (Dissolving Illusions) write about this.

  4. Thank you Pat, there are millions of us that share the same story as the Handleys. We are not just typically silenced but ridiculed for daring to even tell our stories. Thank you for giving us a voice, especially our children that have no voice!

  5. Go J.B Handley and thanks Pat Miller as this is close to a taboo subject. But with this interview, J B’s book and the many other doctors who are brave enough to speak up, surely the world will open their eyes and ears for the sake of our children and the health of the world. America and even more so Australia have been ‘brain dead’ for to long and far to many children have been condemned to a life far less than they should have. Watch your back and I hope you still have a job and a voice for good and integrity.


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