Ivy Tech Official: President’s College Plan Will Be a Hard Sell

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The president of Ivy Tech Community College says President Obama‘s plan to offer free community college could prove successful, but may be a hard sell.

Tom Snyder says Indiana has looked at this plan in some ways before, citing Governor Mike Pence‘s plan in his first budget to give free dual credit for high schools which has led to 45-thousand students at Ivy Tech getting free college credit.

He also referenced former governor Mitch Daniels‘ plan to use the proceeds from selling the Hoosier Lottery to give the equivalent of community college tuition. Snyder says community college is the middle man to the middle class and therefore, a program like President Obama‘s would be beneficial.

He says the country has come to a place now where just a high school education is not enough to be in the middle class.

 Snyder says we‘ll have to see if there are any broad national agenda items on which both sides can agree without disrupting the upcoming presidential election. He says the plan will also have to show a return on investment.