ISTEP Leak: 23 FWCS Schools Fail

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The new ISTEP grading scale had a major impact on Fort Wayne schools.

Grades were released privately to school districts statewide a few days ago, but now those grades are starting to leak online. Records obtained by the Journal Gazette and confirmed with FWCS officials reveal that, just for Fort Wayne Community Schools alone, 23 schools will receive an “F” grade under the new, tougher standards and a test that has been plagued with controversy, including differences in difficulty between the written and online versions.

Comparatively, no other Allen County School District got an “F.”

Both Governor Mike Pence and State Superintendent Glenda Ritz are pushing to give schools a “save haven” period so they can adjust to the new baseline, and so teachers won't face severe repercussions for the new grades.

As for the rest of the state, the number of school districts getting a “D” or “F” has – for now – jumped from 218 to 742.