IPFW Assistant Professor: Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Did Melania Trump plagiarize Michelle Obama in her Republican National Convention speech? An assistant professor at IPFW thinks she did.

Assem Nasr, assistant professor of communications at IPFW, called Melania’s speech unethical and believed it was disrespectful.

“Melania is basically using somebody else’s work and claiming it as her own,” Nasr told WOWO News. “The problem with that is we have a case of cheating here. It just appears to be this is stealing somebody else’s work.”

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Nasr says this has not just put a black eye on Donald Trump’s campaign, but it’s also called ethics into question.

“This has become a mockery, this has become a joke, and it’s setting a very bad example. Is this who we want to be in our office? Somebody who is taking a position where she lies or someone who plagiarizes,” Nasr said.

He says that it’s all right for Melania Trump or her speechwriter to use works from the past to help write a speech, but only to use them to support her own ideas and come up with “genuine” words.

Trump’s campaign manager called the plagiarism allegation “really absurd” and told CNN he doesn’t plan to fire anyone over it.


  1. Is this the best the liberals can do? They mock a classy woman who delivered a speech that had one paragraph similar to Michelle Obama’s speech. A speech that was plagiarized from Devall Patrick. The networks are falling all over themselves because they cannot debate Trump’s policies and they cannot defend Obama’s and Clinton’s policies. The media obsession with Melania’s speech will backfire and only help Trump. The comments of a left wing communications professor are typical of the progressive elitists.

  2. Whoever the speech writer was, they also “RickRolled” Melania – this was purposeful sabotage!

    Her speech writer inserted lines that are known as Rickrolling (prank using Rick Astley song Never Gonna Give You Up”)…

    Melania: He will never, ever, give up. And, most importantly, he will never, ever, let you down.

    So it is not a far leap to also assume the speech writer purposely inserted lines lifted from a Michelle Obama speech.

    We have “children” or “childish behavior” now going on against the obvious “adults” in the room!

    It’s like a whoopie cushion during a serious topic!

  3. You have to remember, we are not voting for her. So to plagiarize someone else, “At this point, What difference does it make?”


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