Introduction to Creatism

Welcome to the new podcast about creativity and content… it’s called Creatism.


I’m Ryan Wrecker, and this podcast is a talk show about digital minds, and the content creators behind them.

We’ll focus on the creative things people are doing in both the podcast and streaming video space… as well as brands that are invading and taking over the bits and bites crackling in front of your face.

Creativity used to be on a toll road that many had to pay a big price to be a part of, especially if you wanted someone to see it or hear it. The access you have to reach real and passionate people, thanks to an open and free internet, is unlimited.  Many a have taken advantage of it.  I’m taking advantage of it right now… and there’s a lot to discover.

Let’s discover it together.  We’ll post NEW episodes every Tuesday and Friday, right here form our home studios at WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This is Creatism, it’s a talk show about content creators.  Let’s discover this creative world together.


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