Insurance Enrollment Jumps 36 Percent in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Nearly 65,000 Indiana residents have signed up for private insurance under the federal health care law, but the number is still far short of initial projections as the open enrollment deadline nears. 
Federal officials said Tuesday that 64,972 Indiana residents had signed up as of March 1. That's an increase of about 17,700, or 36 percent, from the previous month but is well short of the 100,000 people originally expected to have signed up during the first five months of enrollment.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has estimated 125,000 Indiana residents will enroll by the March 31 deadline. 
The data show more women than men have signed up. More than a third of Indiana enrollees are ages 55 to 64.
About 900,000 Indiana residents lack health insurance.