Indy Mayor declares mask requirement

"Indianapolis Skyline" by Nick, some rights reserved

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced Thursday that the city, and the rest of Marion County, will be under a mask order effective July 9.

The Indy #MaskUp requirement states that everyone over the age of 3 must wear a mask unless they have a medical condition that precludes it.

Masks must be worn indoors in the city unless you’re alone or eating. Outdoors, masks are not required only if you can effectively social-distance.

Hogsett said this is “really not an issue of trust, it’s another step in helping Indianapolis return to a greater sense of normalcy.”


  1. Oh yes, the Mask “Order”. HAHA. That violates the 1st Amendment, since Dr. Fauci declared it “theater” months ago, and Democrat Mayors around the country ask you wear it to “show solidarity” or “respect for others”. Nice to see Marxism/fascism is alive and well in Indiana.

    • Completely agree. This is an attempt to keep the economy slowed, the public panicked, and any return to normalcy stifled at least until the election. Democrats have no platform to run on other than “white privilege”, whites are all racists!, and Orange man bad, so they have to keep the narrative going…and the media is complicit with them…it’s possible they could pull this off and get people to turn on Trump that previously would not question voting for him. But yes…for years and years and years…the Democrats have no policy…only drama, projection, victimhood and cancel culture. We are doomed if Trump is not re-elected and the Senate is majority Red.


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