Indiana Veterinarians Remind Pet Owners of Tick Prevention

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  As summer continues, the risk of ticks is increasing.

Indiana is in peak tick season, which should serve as a reminder to make sure your pets are protected.

Many areas around the country have reported higher than normal tick population. Dr. Joe Debrota with the Humane Society of Indianapolis says there are multiple diseases that can be carried by ticks, all of which are easily preventable. There are plenty of options, whether it’s a monthly ointment, a pill, or a flea/tick collar that will keep your animals safe.

The way most medications work is that ticks will still bite your dog, but then die and fall off within a day or so. Dr. Debrota highly suggests that you talk to your vet before choosing a treatment, as incorrect treatment can result in deadly side effects like seizures and muscle tremors.

Ticks tend to live in tall grass and wooded areas, and are commonly found in your yard. If you and your dog are in heavily wooded areas, there are Lyme disease shots you can get for your pet at the vet.

Dr. Debrota says anyone with indoor/outdoor cats should consider treating them too. Cats have less chance of picking up diseases from ticks, but the same medications protect them from other bugs.