Indiana University challenges part of new abortion restrictions law

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): The Indiana University Board of Trustees and three of the school’s scientists have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block part of the state’s new abortion restrictions law that bars them from acquiring fetal tissue for research purposes.

Their complaint filed Wednesday in Indianapolis seeks to have that portion of the law due to take effect July 1 declared unconstitutional and an injunction barring the Marion County prosecutor from enforcing it. The scientists conduct the research at the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute in Indianapolis.

A federal judge invited the university to file its own lawsuit over the law Tuesday when she denied its bid to join an existing lawsuit against the law brought by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office says it’s reviewing IU’s lawsuit.


  1. So three “researchers” challenge the law because it cramps their style! Jeez, what has happened to I.U. since I graduated in 1964 makes me sick.


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