Indiana Town To Be Feted As `Capital For The Day’

NEW HARMONY, Ind. (AP) _ A southwestern Indiana town that's one of the state's most historic communities is getting the Hoosier spotlight as it celebrates its bicentennial.

State Rep. Wendy McNamara will visit New Harmony on Friday to recognize the Posey County town as Indiana's “Capital for the Day.''

The Mount Vernon Republican says New Harmony is unique in its “beauty, originality and welcoming community'' and is a place every Hoosier should visit at least once.

The town about 25 miles northwest of Evansville was settled in August 1814 by a group of German Lutherans who called themselves Harmonists. It has a unique design because the Harmonists were a communal society who built their town to accomplish effective communal living.

Tourists will find historic buildings, sculptures, gardens and spaces designed for quiet meditation.